Smart Industry In a “Green Region”
Y.S. Gat Ltd., the company which manages the Industrial Park in Qiryat Gat, is the result of a partnership which was formed between the Municipality of Qiryat Gat and the Yoav and Shafir Regional Councils in 1996 and whose aim was to establish and develop a new industrial park.
The intensive work and close cooperation resulted in a multi-faceted and advanced industrial park which has changed the face of industry and the employment situation in the City and its environs.
The Industrial Park is located in the heart of the green Lachish Region and covers some 6,000
dunams (1,500 acres). This area has been designated for industrial and commercial purposes, for hi-tech facilities and as a services and tourist center. Leading lsraeli and international companies at the forefront of technology have all become part of the Park. Companies such as Intel, HP indigo, Visonic, Osem -Zabar Salads, the Nestle concern and many other first-rate companies now operate in the Park and are leading the city and its surrounding area towards a prosperous future, characterized by technological and educational progress.

• The Y.S. Gat Ltd. offers professional guidance to entrepreneurs and investors
• Development Area “A” status according to the Law for Encouraging Capital Investment to Industry.
• Land and development costs at attractive prices.
• Infrastructure developed and ready for construction.
• Maximum accessibility to all transportation to all parts of the country.
• Municipal tax benefits.
• Assistance and training for new employees.
• A trained workforce available.
• Attractive work environment.

An Advanced infrastructure – a Strong Base for Growth
The lndustrial Park’s infrastructure has been planned and developed with the aim of providing ideal working conditions for its investors, entrepreneurs and employees.
The Park’s water purification facilities and electrical and communication systems, together with its architectural planning, stringent adherence to environmental standards and physical infrastructure, make it a convenient and attractive working environment for factories and businesses.

Access and Transportation
The Qiryat Gat Industrial Park is conveniently located in the Lachish Region in the northern Negev. The railway system connecting the
Industrial Park to Beer Sheva, Tel Aviv and Haifa operates a large number of trains every day. The train journey from Qiryat Gat to Tel Aviv
takes about 40 minutes.
In addition, Route Number 6 (the Trans-Israel Highway) comes within easy reach of the Industrial Park and has significantly reduced the traveling time from Qiryat Gat to all parts of the country.

Approximate distances:
Tel Aviv: 50 km.
Jerusalem: 60 km.
Beer Sheva: 43 km.
Ben Gurion Airport: 45 km.
Ashdod Port: 30 km.

A Work Force Aligned with your Needs
The Qiryat Gat-Lachish area specializes in providing a readily available and quality labor force comprised of individuals who are willing
to work hard and to contribute their skills.
The Qiryat Gat Municipality and the Regional Councils regard investing in their populations as their top priority. Their best resources are
channeled into the education system in order to raise a generation whose interests lie both in scientific and technical knowledge and in
culture. This ensures a readily available work force for the variety of developing industries in the Park.
Innovative fields of study in the areas of robotics and biotechnology have been introduced into local high schools, and local students have
already won prizes and awards of distinction for their projects in international competitions.

Quality of Life in a Green Region
The Industrial Park is situated in Qiryat Gat, the capital of the Lachish Region, which is one of the greenest and most beautiful areas in the State of Israel.
The Qiryat Gat-Lachish-Yoav-Shafir Region preserves its environment through the encouragement of smart technology, highly-developed agriculture and tourism, and the conservation of the area’s rural profile and its environment.

Looking After Everyone…
Including the Children…

Y.S. Gat set up a network of day care centers in order to properly address the needs of the Industrial Park’s employees and their children.
The center, which has been extremely successful, offers a wide range of activities to the satisfaction of both children and parents alike.

Community Involvement
The Qiryat Gat Model – A Model for Others to Follow

One example of the ways in which industry and the Municipality cooperate towards their common goal of developing human capital in
the Region is their joint effort in developing and advancing Qiryat Gat and the surrounding area. Their effort places particular emphasis
on scientific and technological education, supplementary lessons in English and mathematics, teacher training and the broadening of students’ horizons.
To date, Intel has invested tens of millions of shekels in a wide range of community projects.
The Visonic factory, which produces electronic
components, is working with the Herzl Elementary School.
The Chromalloy factory, which reconditions
airplane propellers, has established a joint project with Rogozin High School. The company awards scholarships for excellence;  its engineers give lectures at the school; and students visit and even work in the factory during their vacations

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